A Note From Dad


It is our vision to: Engage. Encourage. Enlarge. Empower. Equip.

We are on mission to:

Engage – We will engage in our children’s lives by being active in their world and engage with other dads to build a support system for fathering success.

Encourage – We will encourage our children to be the best version of themselves and encourage other dads along their fatherhood journey.

Enlarge – We will enlarge the hearts and minds of our children and other fathers to the world around them.

Empower – We will empower our children to make healthy decisions that set their lives up for success and empower dads to be the spiritual leader in their home.

Equip – We will equip our children with the knowledge, skills and tools to be successful adults and equip fathers to lead their families with integrity and intention.

Roll Call Time…

Thanks for dropping in! I’m encouraged and uplifted in reading your comments and knowing
that what I’m doing here is making an impact. Please let me know you dropped in…leave a
quick note and include where you’re from.

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