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In the years before she died, my mom shared with me how I came to be named. In the midst of a struggling marriage, she had hoped that I would be what kept her and dad together…that my presence in the home would “heal” their wounds and revitalize their marriage.

Jason: (“healer”) Believed to have both Greek and Hebrew origins, the name is from the Greek word “iaomai” which means “to heal”.

I know right…no pressure at all.

As a survivor of a traumatic event in childhood and a lifetime of trauma endured as a career firefighter, I have come to understand what it is to endure pain and an immense and ever-present pressure to perform. Fueled by a burning passion for changing my life’s outcome, I have found that my life experience (my past) and the pain I’ve endured have met with my passion at a crossroads, if you will. An intersection of a life lived…and a life yet to live. Past, present and future all converging in the same space and time.

  • Since first becoming a father, I’ve been searching for answers to so many questions…
  • Why did God choose to bring me into this world?
  • Have I lived up to the meaning of my name, “to heal/healer”?
    Is that why I’ve always had a heart to serve and help others, specifically other men and
  • Why did He choose me to raise these children?

In a moment of clarity, I have come to understand and believe that our PURPOSE is found where our PAST, our PAIN and our PASSION overlap. It is at the crossroads of those three things that I have found my purpose. My vision is clearer now than ever, and I’m on mission to fulfill my purpose.

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Thanks for dropping in! I’m encouraged and uplifted in reading your comments and knowing that what I’m doing here is making an impact. Please let me know you dropped in…leave a quick note and include where you’re from.

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